Thursday, August 14, 2008

So many pressures

Yesterday I was talking to my African friend Dioubate, who told me the he was under "so many pressures." He really is, poor guy, and he is always asking me to keep him in my Mormon prayers, Insh Allah. I thought about that phrase all day long, and realized that I, too, am under "so many pressures."

The greatest thing about so many pressures, though, is the relief that is bound to come. I love how Henry B. Eyring talks about learning how to wait upon the Lord--that the powers of heaven are immediate but that we just have to learn how to access them. He talks about the importance of studying things out--of doing our duty--before revelation and relief will come. He also talks about recognizing that a great part of our lives may be spent in the onion patch--and that we need to change our attitudes so that we are doing things for the Lord. I love the scripture phrase he uses--that with the Lord, we can rise up on eagles' wings, and run and not be weary, and walk and not faint. (Check out his talk here, and other cool scriptures: Ex. 19:14; Deut. 32:11-13; D&C 124:18, and of course Isaiah 40:31)

There is nothing like a good run to run away from those pressures. This morning as I ran down Martha Custis Drive, I felt my feet take off. I swear it was like in the cartoons, where the bottom half of your body is running faster than the top half of your body. It was as if my body has been racing ahead of me--and I've been doing everything in my power to keep up--and suddenly I was zooming ahead like no one's business. For a split second, I felt that relief and that exhilarating rush of eagle's wings. I'll tell you what--I'm holding on to that one for a long time. It'll see me through so many pressures.

(and, P.S., speaking of fowls, the past couple of long runs I've been on, once on the W&OD trail I saw an owl sitting on a stump, and on the Mount Vernon trail I saw a crane over the marsh. Very cool. Do you think I'll see an American bald eagle when I run along the National Mall this Saturday? Maybe at the White House or something equally as patriotic?!?)


Jill said...

I'm glad that you find relief in running. It's been my refuge for over 13 years now. I was actually recently talking to someone about Pres. Eyring's comments that you mentioned. It's true that probably most of our lives we'll be going through challenges, but we can still keep a positive attitude. Good blog. P.S. If you want to run past some bald eagles I recommend running along Canyon Ferry Lake in good old Helena.

Jennifer said...

I felt this way today. I kind of exploded. I don't like feeling so pressured.... thanks for the reminder. I'll have to get "running"... LOVE YOU!

Kim Tafua said...

So many pressures... aren't we all feeling bogged down by the pressures of mortal life? Recently I too have been overwhelmed. I felt myself slipping into that 'I give up for now' mode but I snapped out of it. We have so much unseen power within us, it's a gift we've been given. It just takes work to find that strength and learn to channel it for our spiritual benefit. You can do it little Jenny, you've done it before. You're such a great example to me. I love you!

SongBird said...

JR - You are wonderful, I just love hearing your voice through your writing. You look great too and I have so many comments that I will just try to call you soon. Thinking of you in AZ. Amy T...I mean C :)

Blondie said...

Thanks Jen, I really needed to be reminded of this right now.
You are my tender mercy today.

Robin Lunt said...

Jenny. you inspire me. i want to be like you in faith and fortitude, fitness and fun!!