Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh, Bean!

Ben outside the Supreme Court

When my brother Ben was little, he was playing one day with a little neighbor girl, Rachel Harrison. Who knows what kind of monkey business the two were up to when for some strange reason, a dresser fell on Ben. Little Rachel was so worried that she shrieked, "Oh, Bean, are you ok? Bean?" She was a little confused--but we like to repeat the phrase.

Ben stopped by for a quick visit this weekend. He had just finished a 6-week internship in Vermont with an outdoor magazine, where he camped in his truck the whole time. I was quite impressed with his resourcefulness and ability to save money--he showed me his whole set-up with a big tank of propane for his stove, his mountain bike, his bed--it all fit nicely. He made friends with the old man who ran the campground and offered to do work in exchange for a free stay and use of their showers--he actually built a huge fire ring after his day job. One week it rained for almost a week straight. Ben would finish his day's work, then go sit in his cab until he rigged up a tarp so he could at least fire up his stove in the back of the truck. I have to hand it to him--he certainly knows how to make things work.

We had a great time--seeing the monuments at night, touring the Capitol, the Museum of the American Indian, and the Air and Space Museum, and wandering around Georgetown. I love this kid.


Jennifer said...

You Reeder's know how to stretch a dime! WOW! Go Ben Go!

D'Arcy said...

Jenny! It's like I was right there when you told this little Bean story. I loved it! I wish I could have heard it in person!

Barbara said...

Hi Jenny, I can so picture Ben in his truck in the rain, and building the fire ring. And I can see in my minds eye, the two of you in the dark at the Mall.I read your blog, it had been awhile, and I really loved it. Thanks for being you, I hope you know how much I appreciate that. love, The FAV

Anonymous said...

Our little Bennie-Wennie is growing up and being responsible! Who's this: "Why, she's drunk! You can to my daughter again!" Ah, little Bean in "Anne of Green Shutters." Memories, Memories.

Tender Mercies said...

oh my gosh... i'm laughing so hard right now. Annie--NEVER let put that video on U-tube. Can you imagine?