Monday, June 25, 2007

Blind Dates and other such nonsense...

You always have to try. You do--simply because you have hope and you know the Lord works in mysterious ways...

Alas, last night was just mysterious...

My cousin and her husband and boys moved to Springfield on an Air Force assignment in DC about six months ago. I've loved having family so close. Their good friends from their assignment in Italy live in their neighborhood and they've loved reconnecting. Well, because my cousins know me, a single Mormon female, and their friends know a single Mormon male, they thought for sure it would be a match.

I only agreed to it if we could all have Sunday dinner together. It was lovely--I enjoyed meeting this family that I've heard so much about, and I love playing with my "nephews"--Arian's Benjamin and Bryce. But the guy... he dated my roommate and I've heard many not necessarily pleasant things about him. We were all civil and enjoyed the evening with grace, but it was a bit awkward, for both of us, I think.

Here is what I've learned about being set up:
1. Many people think that if you have one thing in common, it would be a great set up:
They're both single.
They're both LDS.
2. Blind dates can be extremely revelatory. You see what other people think about you by the people they are clamoring to set you up with. Sometimes that can be very painful.
3. It's always best to require a double date with whomever is setting you up. That way they can actually see the dynamics.
4. Often you can at least scratch it up to a GREAT story (and boy, do I have many!).
5. Sometimes you can meet some interesting people and at least expand your social circle.
6. Other times you just wish you could crawl into a hole.


Jennifer said...

Urgh! You failed to mention THIS part to me this morning! AH! You inspired my latest blog. It's for you too! LOVE YOU SO!

Vicki said...

I got set up with a very short guy once (because I'm short too); it was not a good date at all!

Janell said...

I can SO appreciate this post because I've had the same (mis)fortune. Folks think that just because we're both single, Mormon, and tall ... that it must be a match made in heaven. Don't mind the fact that he plays video games all day, works as a bagger in a grocery store and looks like a gargoyle! Ugh, no thanks! It made me think that my 'friends' hate my stinkin' guts when they set me up with such a WINNER!!! -jd

Tender Mercies said...

I LOVE the stories!